Hoffman, Michael A

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Address: 713 Landis Ave PO Box 2294, Vineland, NJ 08362
Phone: 732-783-4646
Fax: 732-862-4776
Website: https://thehoffmancenters.com

Areas of PracticeMunicipal Court – Traffic, DWI/DUI, Municipal Court – Petty Disorderly/Drug Possession, Debt Collection – Debtor Defense, Debt Collection – Creditor Representation, Wills, Basic Estate Planning, Landlord /Tenant Law – Representing Landlords, Residential/Commercial Property Taxation Appeals, General Practice and Consultation (Deeds, Scientific Areas of Law, etc.)

The Hoffman Centers, P.C. embodies and represents the experience and excellence that Michael A. Hoffman, Esq., wishes to offer in his services. While most directed here are interested in the Hoffman Law Centers, and the services and experience that Mike can provide in representation, advocacy and consultation with you, the other centers are designed to offer every tool for your use. The Hoffman Policy Centers were created to help advocate and create change in the law, where such changes are identified and necessary. The Hoffman Innovation Centers were created to help incubate and support new business ideas from their infancy into self-sufficiency.

However, the Hoffman Law Center is the most robust and well tuned of the Hoffman Centers. The "client-first" model of counsel and advocacy are embraced to help you in your times of need (within and without the legal system) understand the challenges, organize responses, and formulate cohesive plans for dealing with a multiplicity of permutations. Whatever the problem, we will attempt to identify it together, and come up with a strategy to manage that problem. Whatever the opportunity, we will attempt to create every potential benefit.

The Hoffman Centers were formed after the dissolution of The Hoffman Law Office, LLC, under the auspices of Mike’s father and mentor, Daniel C. Hoffman, Esq. When Dan passed away in 2017, many issues were left unresolved with regard to the practices. Please note that if you have any questions with regard to that practice, you will likely be directed elsewhere. However, Mike loved, worked with and continues to honor his father, who was a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran. Please notify the office if you are a Veteran, Disabled Veteran, First Responder or have done any other form of public service. Giving back to our communities is important, and the philosophy of this office embraces, celebrates and honors those who have served and sacrificed.

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